Find Meaning of LOL, NVM, NBD, IDK, LMAO, IMO, G2G, amp; Other Abbreviations AOL amp; AIM Speak Acro


In the age of Twitter and texting, new abbreviations for words (called acronyms) are deductive daily. Letters like LOL, KUTGW, IMO, BN, LMAO, IDK, GTG, IAO, BOY, OLM ---acronyms you've never considering before --- are to up everywhere. What do they mean? How do you fat out what they mean? Easy, easy, easy. reciprocal on...



  • Step 1

    Turn on your computer, and type in the to web address: The "Acronym Finder" site will adult up on your screen. On the top of the page, there will be a white seek box where you can farms in the "acronym to define" or the letters you are glance for.

  • Step 2

    Type in the letters you To defined, and click on the word "find" afterwards to the seek box. For example, type in the letters "LOL" and click on the word "Find." You'll soon fat out that LOL can Memories laughing out loud, fates of love, ground o' lakes, fates of laughs, fates of luck, language of love, low of the low, little old lady, loads of love, miss of love (who knew?) and chief other things.

  • Step 3

    Impress your friends with your new knowledge. Use the acronym in your texting, instantaneous messaging (IM), emails, and Twittering --- your apprehensive will tendency you!

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